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The Massachusetts Service Alliance has partnered with Inspiring Service to launch, a state-of-the-art statewide platform to connect nonprofit organizations across Massachusetts with the people of the Commonwealth to help meet critical needs in their communities now and into the future. Volunteerism and service are powerful forces for social change. That is why the Massachusetts Service Alliance is dedicated to broadening the capacity of the volunteer and service movement in our Commonwealth, providing individuals and organizations with the funding, training, and support they need to strengthen our communities.

The Massachusetts Service Alliance (MSA), established in 1991, is a private, nonprofit organization. As the state commission on volunteerism and service, we generate collaboration and public-private partnerships at the local, state and federal level to grow volunteerism and service initiatives in MA. Our strong partnerships with local, state, and federal agencies allow us to mobilize funding to advance service and volunteerism through the AmeriCorps, Commonwealth Corps, and Volunteer Generation Initiatives programs.
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