Cincinnati Cares Launches

In the Spirit of Holiday Giving, Cincinnati Cares Launches


Norwood, OH – November 16, 2017.  Are you, your family or friend group looking to give back this holiday season?  What about volunteering with a local non profit? You’re probably thinking, how do I find the right organization that needs my help?  


Inspiring Service has launched a new platform Cincinnati Cares, a website and mobile web app ( that makes it easy to connect with ways to help at any one of hundreds of organizations.  Now those who want to help by contributing their time in a meaningful way can explore and discover the ways they can help in our region.  


According to Giving USA, $300 billion is contributed financially to nonprofits in America, while volunteer hours equate to an economic value of $200 billion; a 60/40 split. While volunteers contribute almost half of the critical resources, society tends to pay much more attention to obtaining and increasing the $300 billion in funds than they do to making the $200 billion in volunteer contributions as effective and helpful as possible.


Craig Young, Founder and Executive Director, states, “Research tells us that a primary cause for the decline of volunteerism in our region is how hard it is to connect with desired opportunities.   Cincinnati Cares was created to solve this problem.”


He continues, “Cincinnati is known as one of the most philanthropic cities in the country, and our volunteerism rates once ranked high among large US cities. According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, volunteerism has been gradually declining in the United States for a while now, but we were surprised to learn that volunteerism rates in the Greater Cincinnati region have been declining at 2.5x the national rate!”


“With the value of a volunteer hour in Ohio estimated at $22.06, this equates to an annual $150 million loss for our region, not to mention a debilitating decrease in resources for thousands of nonprofits in our region that rely on volunteers to deliver the critical services they provide our communities.”


Cincinnati Cares is designed to make it easier for volunteers to find ways to help by providing a comprehensive and easy to navigate “registry” of listings for organizations who regularly engage volunteers.  The platform features hundreds of listings with descriptions of examples of “ways to help”, photos and easy means to connect with each organization to learn more,” continues Young.


National research shows that younger volunteers are more likely to start volunteering “for a cause and with friends” versus starting with a specific organization.  Cincinnati Cares makes it is easy to explore the options available in the region by causes, such as animals, arts and culture, disaster relief, social justice and many others.


As you give thanks this year and seek to make a difference in your community, check out Cincinnati Cares to find how you can make a positive impact for someone else.




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About Inspiring Service –  Inspiring Service (IS), a local 501c3 nonprofit, created in 2017 with a mission for inspiring and enabling people and organizations to engage in volunteering that improves and strengthens their community and themselves.  


Working in conjunction with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, IS wants to encourage volunteerism as a path to achieving the 17 UN Global Goals for 2030.