Assist either in the office or remotely to help new volunteers complete their online applications. You can help a volunteer get started on their volunteer career with the Red Cross. (4 hrs/week, computer skills preferred)

Take our 1 hour emergency preparedness presentation to kids grades 3-5 and they each get a pillowcase to start their disaster kit. This is presented by 2 people so get a friend to help and become a teaching team!

Professionals with 10+ years of business experience with skills to provide consulting or coaching to nonprofits in their field of expertise.

We look for corporate groups to support our larger programs at various times in the year including the Christmas season.

When disaster strikes, The Salvation Army is there to help. Volunteering to assist The Salvation Army during emergency situations requires special training.

Opportunities include Mentor Program, Street Outreach, events, and more.

Various ways to help at the local community center.

Be part of a team that responds to local disasters to make sure the clients have food, clothing and shelter. The firemen take care of the burning house, it’s the Red Cross’ job to take care of the people. You can be that person to help someone in their time of need.

Assist with recruitment, placement, record keeping, and recognition. This can also be from home.